OKC Board Members

2018 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

President Deriick “DC” Holman  
Executive Vice President Mike Padilla  
Vice President Troy Hatfield  
Secretary Rebecca “Vodka” Neimoyer
Treasurer Ronda “Pitbull #2” Glass  
Sergeant at Arms Mark Wallmueller  
Referee Lawrence Neimoyer  
Chapter Liaison Cary Holley
Merchandise Crystal March
Chaplain ———-
Day Event Committee  
Hospital Committee David Comstock
Printed Media Courtney & Luke Such
Webmaster Cody Wilson
Prize Committee ———-
Flyer Distribution Mark Wallmueller
Grants National Board
Run Selection Mike Padilla
Run Stop Mike Padilla
Historian Board of Directors
Membership Renewal Barbee “Brat” Clemmons
Membership Barbee “Brat” Clemmons