OKC Board Members

2017 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

President Cary “Turnaround” Holley
Executive Vice President Rod “Cowboy” Anderson
Vice President Tim “Big Tim” Purvis
Secretary Barbee “Brat” Clemmons
Treasurer Tammy “Pitbull” Anderson
Sergeant at Arms Jamie “Lil J” Carpenter
Referee Chris “Walrus” Roberts
Chapter Liaison ———-
Merchandise Crystal March & Barbee “Brat” Clemmons
Chaplain ———-
Day Event Committee  
Hospital Committee Melissa “Sparrow” Wilson-Bookout
Printed Media Board of Directors
Webmaster ———-
Prize Committee ———-
Flyer Distribution Chris “Walrus” Roberts
Grant/Donations National Board
Run Selection Jamie “Lil J” Carpenter
Run Stop Tim “Big Tim” Purvis
Historian Board of Directors
Membership Renewal Barbee “Brat” Clemmons
Membership Barbee “Brat” Clemmons